Affiliate Program for a Membership Site

There are pros and cons to introduce a membership site affiliate program.

An affiliate program offers a system whereby they will refer a buyer to your site for a fee. Often this is at a cost of 50% of your sale. Your product may sell for $10 and you then pay the affiliate program $5.00 for their referral. This sounds fair provided you are making enough profit to cover your cost of product together with paying the affiliate member 50% of the selling price. Should a membership site affiliate program offer a commission?

Membership affiliate programs do have their uses as you get to do business that you would possibly have lost to a competitor. The fact that some of these affiliate programs find it difficult to retain their membership is something that needs looking into. Make the membership affiliate sites more attractive and affordable.

This can be done by reducing the costs of the affiliate membership program and receiving exposure from the members own sites by advertising thereon. The member just needs to place a banner of the membership affiliate program on their site and in turn receive a discount in the commission they pay back to the membership affiliate for supplying a buyer.

Affiliates enjoy promoting products and services as it becomes a recurring commission for them and a regular monthly business. The previous affiliate system used a once off commission system whereby you would earn say $10.00 for the first referral and receive nothing for further referrals. This system has been over ridden by system which pays an affiliate member a commission on every sale, that is say $10.00 for every referral that is sent. This makes having a membership with the affiliate person financially worth while.

The only way to keep this affiliate membership program running is to make it worth while and not be greedy as you will find members who will offer a high introductory commission and a small commission for sales thereafter. Affiliate members tend to ignore this type of member as it is not worth there while as the commission payable is too small.

Keeping the commission higher and constant motivates the affiliate program to promote your product over a longer period of time and also to a wider audience and you are make regular money. You could call it your bread and butter lines.

People often wonder how they are going to promote their product after they have become a member of the affiliate site. They actually need to look no further as providing they have a good product coupled with a good commission system, they will be able to market themselves amongst the member affiliates which usually have a substantial pool. With a good recurring commission payable to the affiliate members, you will find you will be raking in the business almost immediately.

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