How Do I Create A Membership Site out of Private Label Rights or PLR Materials?

PLR materials are a great way to populate a membership site of your very own because the work has already been done for you.  Somebody else has already gone out and figured out what questions need to be answered, how to answer them, and they have also gone into trouble of writing it all down.  It’s a fantastic way of filling up a membership site, but the problem many people face is why would people want to join my site when they can find this information elsewhere, and the key to this is to make the information your own, which you can do by finding it from the right source, niching it down, dripping it, and using the WordPress blog to your advantage.


The first thing you need to do is try to get rights that are high-priced or limited in quantity.  I’m sure you’ve all seen things where you could pay a dollar and get 7,000 different products, and that’s no good, because then the value of that thing you’re buying is not a lot.  On the other hand, if someone is offering the rights to a product for 200 bucks and only 10 people get it, that is a much better investment because not a lot of people will have the ability to sell that information.  Fnd a good place to get the rights, preferably something where it contains a video or audio component because many times the rights will be sold for $20, $30 or more instead of $1 or $2, so less people will have it.

Also, niche it down.  Don’t fill up a site with a bunch of different rights materials.  Pick a specific topic.  For example, maybe you’re buying and selling just recent rights materials about copywriting.  If you’re going to be doing that, then don’t also put information in there about search engine optimization or AdSense.  Just stick to your one topic.

And finally, use your WordPress Blog to your advantage.  You’re making a membership site using WordPress, so you can put these different topics into categories.  If you were creating a membership site about copywriting, you might have some prize there about squeeze pages, some about copywriting with video, some about long form sales, that in that way, when somebody logs in, then you click on one category and get exactly what they want.

Another bonus is that this is searchable.  All WordPress blogs are searchable.  So, if you put a little description of each product you have inside of your membership site, then they can go to the search box, then type in exactly what they want.  You can also schedule out your post in WordPress.  That way, they get a bunch of stuff when they join, but over time, they get a little bit more hand-fed to them, so they have a reason to stay in.

That’s how I would create a site out of PLR or Private Label Rights materials.  Find it from a good spot, niche it down, drip it, categorize it, and search it, which is all built in if you use WordPress as your membership site.

If you can watch TV, then you too can use WordPress as a membership site.  See how I do it at

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